My inspiration


“My Mum is for sure my biggest inspiration.” – Yusuf Paterson

She left Mauritius at the age of 17, leaving the comfort of home to venture to another country – a country so vastly different to her own. Even though she was born in paradise all wasn’t what it seems. She was the middle sister of 5. Her family were poor and often would go without meals, sometimes not even being able to pay to go to school.

She arrived in the U.K. without being able to speak much English, however she got educated became a nurse and had me – her son. Bringing me up all on her own from day one, she’s struggled, but she has never asked for help.

She’s been working for the NHS as a nurse for over 30 years and in that time she’s helped so many people from all walks of life. Honestly when I get the bus with my mum it’s like getting a bus with a celebrity everyone knows her and the majority know her for doing such an amazing job helping their spouses, friends and family members and they always sing her praises!

She is such a caring, loving thoughtful person. 

My mum has always done such an amazing job raising me – balancing work with caring for me. I’ve never felt I was missing out by not having a father. She pushes me and I’ve done some amazing things as a result of her hard work and effort. On top of all this she somehow manages to find the time to run marathons and do charity walks!

She’s 65 and her medals for these achievements are getting overwhelming (as you can see). In doing all these runs she’s found them challenging but she’s succeeded and raised so much money for charities.

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If ever I’m down and need strength or courage I always think of what my mum as overcome and I always then find that strength.


Who inspires you?


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Yusuf Paterson

I love life, love living for the day and making the most of it. I am a coach which I take great pride in; helping others achieve their goals is awesome but most importantly I take most satisfaction from making people have a good time and enjoy the process of a healthy lifestyle.

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