What makes a good coach?

 ‘A good coach should become redundant’ – Unknown

A coach has the ability to lead and make things happen, inspires and helps an individual come to a new level of understanding of what is possible.

I can say that this coach (the legendary Dr Matt Vassey) has shown me that. This guy has empowered me, believed in me and has pushed me. Always questions me on why I’m doing that? What is its purpose? Although sometimes annoying, the benefits and his teachings have helped develop me. Wonder who pushed me to start blogging and use my degree to share my knowledge?

In his pursuit to be a better coach he will often set challenges.  If you want to grow as a coach and as a person you need to put yourself in uncomfortable situations and be willing to fail so you can learn from this. He is never afraid to try something new if it doesn’t work he will say ‘Yus we are never doing that again’ and move on.

The challenges aren’t always fitness related sometimes life related and fun i.e. whilst coaching the other day my challenge was to only play music that was Dancehall not everyone’s cup of tea for exercise music but, nevertheless again stretching my abilities. Did we succeed? Let’s just say we changed it after three songs.

When I coach with him I can’t help but also become a student and just listen to his knowledge something he has humongous wealth in.  The science and knowledge bombs he drops are freaking awesome!

A quote I heard the other day which struck a chord was ‘a good coach should become redundant’ – Unknown 

Hmm an interesting thing to say that If I excel at my work as a coach, ultimately I won’t be needed. However, it’s meaning is perfect and true.  It is something in which Vass embodies and hopefully I now do. This means the best thing you can do as a coach is to empower people, teach them what you know so that they can teach themselves.

That’s inspiring, that’s selfless, that’s passion, that’s Vass.

Can’t thank this man enough for inspiring me, pushing me and believing in me.

Brothers for life.

Love you man.

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Yusuf Paterson

I love life, love living for the day and making the most of it. I am a coach which I take great pride in; helping others achieve their goals is awesome but most importantly I take most satisfaction from making people have a good time and enjoy the process of a healthy lifestyle.

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